Business Process Analysis for Your Business

Exceptional Value

Reduce productivity losses and gain more transparency in your business.



Straightforward Documentation

Processes are documented clearly to provide business focus and clarity.



Business Process Modelling

All business processes are modelled using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).



What is Business Process Analysis?

Business Process Analysis is the analysis of business processes and procedures that are performed to achieve a set outcome in a business.

Benefits of Documented Business Processes

 Increased ROI

Improved understanding of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders

More successful projects

Lower Costs

Increased productivity

Business transparency

Increased efficiency

Cost-effective solutions

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Vera Evans is a former administration guru and technology junkie turned Business Process Consultant at ET Digital Designs. Vera is passionate about technology and how it can assist business today. She is also passionate about business systems and processes and really enjoys working with small business owners to identify and streamline their business processes. Vera’s keen interest in technology led her to pursue an Information Technology degree which she completed in 2009. Vera enjoys helping her clients streamline their business processes so their business can become more efficient.

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