I approached ET Digital Designs because I needed a great website to help my business thrive.

Vera from ET Digital Designs helped me by creating a website that was tailored to the needs of my business. Vera also suggested ideas for my website that never occurred to me and worked out to be great additions in aiding in its appearance and marketing strategies.

The result was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for and more!

One thing I liked was their constant communication; I was always updated on progress and never kept in the dark.

I found the experience rewarding and completely stress-free. I was able to see progress made on my website, learn invaluable skills to help keep my website updated and given word search tips to help target my business’ market and stay on the front page of website search engines.

I would recommend ET Digital Designs to people who need a new or a remodelled website and have little knowledge of website design and upkeep. I never felt like I was in the wrong hands with ET Digital Designs, they have helped me and my business immensely.

Rachel Sheedy

CEO, SheedyArt

SheedyArt Website