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Sample ebook
Sample ebook
Sample ebook
Beautiful Cover Page
Attract your ideal customers with a gorgeous cover page that appeals to your clients.
A Choice of Themes
A variety of themes to perfectly convey your message.
Styled to Your Branding
Colours and fonts can be styled to match your own branding.
Customised For You
Includes your own logo and call to action to for further follow-up.
All you need is your own content
Use your own blog content customised to create a unique and useful lead magnet that appeals to your niche market.
Same Content, Different Look.
Choose the style that best matches your content and audience.
Include Your Logo
Have your own Logo on your ebook to enhance your branding.
Include Your Business Name
Include your Business Name on your ebook, or your personal name if you prefer.
Custom Picture
Include your own picture for your cover or we can select one for you. You can also include your pictures for the content of your ebook.
Custom Fonts
We can match fonts to your branding for a professional look and feel for your audience.
Effortlessly collect email addresses with these beautiful Lead Magnet ebooks.
The Standard Theme
A simple and practical layout
The Superhero Theme
A professional and appealing layout
The Cyborg Theme
An elegant and stylish layout
The Standard Theme
Example Pages
The Superhero Theme
Example Pages
The Cyborg Theme
Example Pages
Simple pricing.


One beautiful ebook

Maximum of 15 pages


Per Starter ebook


One beautiful ebook

Maximum 50 pages


Per Professional ebook


Three beautiful ebooks

2x Starter and 1x Professional


Per Bundle

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