So you have a website and you think your online work is done

So you have a website and you think your online work is done

So you have a website and you think your online work is done

Having a website requires more than just getting the content and having it professionally, or personally, developed and put out there in the world wide web. It is no longer the case that if you have a website everyone will find you. With the number of websites increasing every day, you need to find a way to stand out amongst all of those websites.

Tasks to help with your website

In order for your website to be working hard for you, getting leads and converting them to sales so that your business can grow, there are certain tasks that are required of you to help this process along. One of the main tasks is website maintenance. This involves:

    • regularly update content ie via a blog, or vlog or add content to clarify your offerings and provide more value
    • regularly back up your website
    • secure and monitor your website against attacks and or vulnerabilities
    • Have your site embedded with Google Analytics and monitor performance and use this to further adjust your offerings
    • have site optimised for Search Engine Optimisation so that your site is ranked high on search engines using your particular key words, this includes adding meta tags and image tags as well as descriptions
    • regularly monitor and manage any comments made on your site
    • use an optin form to capture emails
    • offer a free gift of great value to customers to obtain their email address
    • know your target audience
    • ensure your site is responsive so that you include the growing smart phone and tablet users
    • posting regular content in the form of videos or blogs
    • sending your clients regular newsletters or information

Today, having a cohesive website that attracts your ideal audience, nurtures them, solves their problems and makes it all easy to do, is what it takes to find your clients and convert them.

This can take time, as you become known, building your relationships and gaining the trust of your tribe.

Sales Funnels have become a well-known catch-cry and people are beginning to realise that without a sales funnel, converting your audience is extremely difficult.

So before you get all excited about getting a website, understand your marketing and have your sales funnel in mind so that your website can really do its work and help you serve all those people that you are looking for.