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9 Useful Resources for Free Images

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect picture to go with your blog? I’m sure you have. It can be an endless search to find just the right picture that conveys the right tone and mood that you are looking for.

In order to help you with this, I have compiled a great list of websites that provide free images and most of them do not require attribution.


List of free image sites

First in the number 9 slot is MorgueFile. While they have beautiful photos and many of them are free, you still have to check with the authors as attribution may still be required. They also have a section of premium photos that are available for a fee.

In number 8 slot is Public Domain Photos. They have a wonderful selection of various photos from sunsets, to food and every day activities. They do require a link back to credit their website. Their pictures are easy to download and no sign up is required.

The number 7 choice is for those who love free png images, pictures, and clip art. It is The versatility of using the images, pictures and clip art in this format helps have great quality pictures without the bloated size using up valuable resources. These are all completely free with no attribution required. You can however donate to assist the designers to keep the images free.

Number 6 is freedigitalphotos+net. They have an incredibly large database of photos and images/illustrations. They operate with various licenses and under the standard license, free photos require attribution to the site and author of the image. Only the small sized images are actually free.

Number 5 is flikr. The photos here have no copyright restrictions. There are some amazing photos to see and explore.

Number 4 is Stock Free Images. Only some images are free, and they are clearly marked. You do have to sign up to be able to download images.

Number 3 is Animal Photos. A huge selection of all animal photographs free to use under the creative commons license.

Number 2 is SplitShire. A wonderful repository of images that would never have seen the light of day otherwise, all collated and offered here for free.

My number 1, and best choice resource in my opinion, is last, and it is Pixabay. They have a large assortment of images that are free and no attribution is required. You can download them without joining the site but there is more freedom for downloading if you sign up with them.

Please ensure you always check a site’s Terms and Conditions for licensing information regarding the images available. For further information regarding the different types of licensing, fotor blog have an excellent infographic that describes licensing in detail.

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